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To the Rescue! Life of a Travel Nurse

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The Life of Travel Nurses - Infographic

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Traveling Nurse Jobs 101 - All you need to know!

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RN pleads guilty to stealing morphine

(TOPEKA) - A nurse at Salina was convicted this past year of stealing morphine from a nursing facility where she worked. Melanie Morrison, 25 years of age, pleaded guilty and admitted that she had previously been fired from another medical center for stealing Percocet. (SOURCE: http://cjonline.com/news/2011-11-28/salina-nurse-pleads-guilty-stealing-morphine)

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Play the Diagnostic Champions’ Challenge for a Chance to Win Real Gold!

Can you recognize a patient's malady quickly and correctly? Then face-off against your peers – test your skills in a battle for diagnostic supremacy and go for the gold. Yes, real gold!

The first week of the Diagnostic Champions’ Challenge has now begun on our partner site ConsultantLive –…


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Announcing The Oncology Nurse Community


Join The Oncology Nurse Community – a new resource emphasizing conversation and idea-sharing, helping solve the unique problems and situations faced by nurses every day. Let your voice be heard - click here to register on TheONC today!





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Your favorite scrubs? What do you think of these?

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Nurse and Doctor Scrub Cookies!

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Nurse can do it!



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More qualified than Dr. Phil


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Nurse-Led Clinics Show Success in Chronic Disease Management

November 11, 2011 (Washington, DC) — Nurse-led chronic disease management clinics, set up in impoverished urban settings, can result in significant improvements in the management of diabetes and hypertension at a fraction of the cost of conventional healthcare, according to research presented here at the American Public Health Association 139th Annual Meeting.

SOURCE: Medscape News

Please visit Medscape for more on this great article -…


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What really happens on night shifts at the hospital?

Hospital Night Shift
Research and design by Nursing Schools Site

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Friday Friday Song by Rebecca Black - TGIF for nurses!

From across all the hospitals in the country, nursing station to nursing station, nurses have been checking out this video... what do you think about it?

Whether you think this Friday Friday video is annoying, funny, genius, here it is

Here is a picture of Rebecca Black and a video link below.…


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Great article on NY Times - "Nurse and Doctor, Neighbor and Friend"

(NYTIMES) - A great article on how disparate teams, particular RN and MD as well as med vs. surg should better work together.  Couldn't have said it better than this NY Times Writer who also happens to be an RN.



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Lazy Nurses

Check out this Nurse's rant:

"One of my pet peeves is lazy nurses! They are nearly useless! They sit and gossip half the night and complain about their patients are pressing the call light. Some making so much money per hour it's sickening. All ages.... mostly younger ones... alot of agency nurses! Just my opinion. No, just the nurse I had to work with the other night!

Sorry.... I know of many young nurses that are hard workers... that don't act like the world owes them… Continue

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Top Reasons to Become a Nurse

1. Super high demand. Tons of nurse jobs and a shortage of staff. Great future ahead for those going into nursing school now.

2. Nurses make great money. Many nurses earn above 75,000 per year and many break 100K!

3. Flexible schedules are abound. Nurses can work three shifts of 12 hours a week! You can work a second job! What better career.

4. Many avenues for advancement. You can become a hospital admin or a…

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How to Find a Nursing Job

So now you are done with school or simply tired of your current nursing job. How do you land that ultimate nursing dream job? Well, a website MEDI-SMART has created a list of 8 tips and suggestions on how to obtain a nursing job.

Please visit their site here:…

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Nurse wanna-be

Can you believe this? Check this out.. a nurse impersonator!!

Watch out. Public be warned.


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